About this Site

This site is run by Stephen Agar, the current NAVB (North American Variant Bank) custodian, with the assistance of Chris Babcock and Doug Kent. To reflect the fact that the NAVB no longer resides in North America and that it has been expanded to include variants which have been developed and played over the Internet, the NAVB has been rechristened simply The Variant Bank. I announced this site as being "live" on 31st October 2000 (My daughter's sixth birthday). It is a sister site for my other Diplomacy website, diplomacy-archive.com

The vision for this site is to record all known Diplomacy variants, making the rules and maps available online. I would be very grateful if you could bring to my attention any Diplomacy variants that you know of which are missing from this list - or any mistakes.

Essentially, it is an online version of what was the North American Variant Bank catalogue, expanded to include variants available on the Internet that have come to my attention. Since the site was launched I have inherited the old NAVB from Lee Kendtner (despite living in the UK) - so I suppose it is more of a World Variant Bank now. Variants can be searched using the classification system - or if you know the name of the variant you want use the search box. If you are after variants by a particular author, I suggest using the search facility for that too.

Previously I linked to variants I came across, rather than importing them into this website. However, I have reversed this policy because I have already found that some variants have been lost (possibly for good) when the original web site has disappeared. However, if any designer objects to any variant being mirrored on this site and they email me, I will remove it (only keeping a backup in reserve in case the variant ever goes AWOL). In any event, I will always maintain a link to any variant homepage - and if this is omitted in error, please point it out to me.

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